Unique Handcrafted Lamp Explorer - An Illuminating and Provocative Work of Sculptor

I'm really happy with my lamp, the way it turned out. My lamp uses an odd bulb. Very bright. Made for airports, coastal light houses and theaters. A Lutron dimmer is used to keep the light to a minimum. Actual output is perhaps twenty to thirty watts of a regular household incandescent bulb. You will receive a new, unused bulb with the lamp. The outer ring of metal started with a 20" heavy metal wheel used in large machining jobs. Using it as a frame I attached some flat metal stock to the wheel and beat the stock into a circular form. The wood used is from large old oak stock. Hand cut, hand sanded and hand rubbed with linseed oil. The wood was so dry you could almost hear it suck in the linseed oil. Probably thirty to forty years old. Large timbers, 4" x 6" x 3'. Found it in an old barn.

The entire structure stands about 67 1/2" in total height.

Without a doubt, this is a one of a kind item. Signed and dated by the artist.

Price $5000.00. Free shipping to the lower 48 states ONLY. Please inquire as to shipping to all other locations before purchasing.

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Handcrafted Lamp

A Floor Lamp Named Binary

Drury Lane Studios presents BINARY, a floor lamp with Twin Tubular Bulbs inside a single housing. The original mercury vapor elements have been removed and replaced with dual bulbs. How about that! Say hello to a game changer. The (near) impossible made real.

An oak and steel arc supports the major body of wood, glass, gears and bulbs. Household, 110 volt, outlet powers up BINARY with an in-line dimmer. A heavy metal base keeps it steady.

Selling to the lower 48 states only at this time.

Price $2,000. Or, contact us for more details.

Handcrafted Lamp

Machinist Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

A different kind of "Machinist Lamp". A lamp with an Edison Bulb, gears and imagination. Light up your life with whimsy.

An extra heavy base keeps the lamp solid and sturdy. In-line dimmer. Uses standard 110 volt.

Price $275. Or, contact us for more details.

Handcrafted Lamp

Wings of Light Lamp

Wings of brass and light stretch forth from a central column of a powerful, mesmerizing beacon of clear glass and hot filaments. Drawing you inward while shining outward. Capable of 1000 watts of power. Held down to a minimum output by a rugged modern Lutron (Registered) dimmer. As if brass and light have stopped time for a fraction of a second. They pause and let us examine them closely lest time, for them, begins again. At the base is a time cured oak slab. Hand sanded and hand rubbed with linseed oil until it glows like warm honey. Striking out on both sides of a glass cylinder are brass poles. Perhaps one half inch in diameter. They rise up from the base to become the support for brass feathers that stretch outward from the poles and light. All manner of lengths of brass shards serve as the feathers. Bound to one another for support. Front and center is a glass cyinder containing a phallic shaped crystal clear light bulb. A 1,000 watt light bulb. It's filament abundantly clear for all eyes to see when turned off. Beautiful in it's simplicity and design. A pleasure to look at when on or off. Meant to be admired. Uses regular household outlets (110 volt). Price $475.00. Or, contact us for more details.

Unique Handcrafted Lamp

Outlook Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

Outlook shines bright whether turned on or off. A steel band circles glass and wood and electricity. I wanted to use a metal circle shape with the Edison bulb at its center. The idea is to have a circle shape pierced, through the middle, with other elements (the wood) to add additional support to the main linear focus. The wood helps to bring a nature element to contrast the steel and glass areas. The Edison style bulb is quite forceful without becoming overbearing. The clear glass lets the viewer admire the filament when turned off. The perforated metal and the gears add interesting patterns to the overall design. Price $350.00 Or, contact us for more details.

Unique Handcrafted Lamp

Under Construction Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

A Lamp named Under Construction; warm glowing wood set into circular raw steel frame is the setting for an Edison bulb. I wanted the steel to be rugged and rough while the wood components gave a softer, human touch to the lamp. In fact, I went back and "roughed up" some of the metal. The raw metal components contrast the oak and, I believe, walnut wood. Geometric wood shapes play against the industrial metal parts. Price $350.00 Or, contact us for more details.

Unique Handcrafted Lamp

Universal Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

It's artwork when off. Artwork with "wow" factor when turned on. Features a long life Edison bulb with extra heavy duty controller. I strive to create lamps that are far from the usual. Universal Lamp uses a hand bent, steel U frame, oak wood frame and granite members. The bulb is unusual in that it is typically used in coastal lighthouses, airports and theaters. Under normal conditions it is very bright and very hot. In this case the bulb is held in check with a commercial dimmer. Price $450.00 Or, contact us for more details.

Unique Handcrafted Lamp

Waves of Light Lamp

Waves of Light - Waves of enjoyment. Antique oak wood atop granite slabs shows off woven copper wire waves surrounding an Edison bulb. The base is made of two pieces of recycled granite extending out from an antique wood body. Atop sits brass and copper waves with a magnificent Edison bulb in the middle. Majestic and powerful. I wanted the main body of the lamp to have a rounded bottom made of wood. This is antique oak from wood planks that I found in a barn where they had spent the last 30 or more years. Price $400.00 Or, contact us for more details.

Art sculpter light

Red Sky At Night - Sailors’ Delight

Rich solid wood base holds up brass shards mounted on thin brass rods. A neon capital letter D fills the center space between the brass sails. Let Red Sky at Night, Sailors' Delight be your night light as you sail away on the boat of dreams. The "D" could mean anything. Like maybe, Delight, or perhaps "Drury Lane Studios".

The dark wood surrounding the "D" is left raw, with original saw marks. The wood is jacobean. A very dense, hard wood. The other wood is antique oak. It's at least 30 years old. With linseed oil it turns a beautiful dark honey tone. A few areas of this wood were left "raw". Wood, copper and brass come together in a lamp of style. Antique oak wood forms a base with ebony accent. Brass sails embrace an Edison bulb. Light dimmer on power cord.

A quaint little lamp that says, fun and festive. It's different but doesn't feel any need to shout out. Patina brass sails sit unfurled next to an Edison bulb. Contact us for more details.

Unique Handcrafted Lamp

Whimsical Fish Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

Imaginative whimsical lamp includes chalice, fish, thermometer and glass door knob. It is our pleasure to bring to you this fanciful lamp. A "never to be ignored" piece. Truly unique item for your home that will delight friends and family. Silver plated metal goblets hold lamps and highlighting an antique brass thermometer with a metal fish looking on. Supported by a serving tray with an exotic wood base. An antique glass and brass door knob, set in the middle, turns lamp on and off.
Price $249.95 Free shipping to lower 48.
Or, contact us for more details.

Handcrafted unique lamp

Sugar and Cream Whimsy Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

Lamp with sugar & cream tea canisters that hold the light bulbs supported by a granite and brass base. Fanciful and useful lamp. Sugar and cream tea canisters are used as bulb holders. The base is made from recycled granite and brass providing a very stable foundation for the two flexible lamp heads. Always at the center of attention for family and guests to admire. Whimsy at it's best.
Price $149.95. Free Shipping to lower 48.
Or, contact us for more details.

Art sculpter light

Isocouple Terminal Junction-Modern, Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk Two Bulb Wall Lamp

This is my Isocoupler Junction Terminal - includes all of the latest modern developments. The platform of the structure is a large metal clock face. On each side are hand cut, stained and oiled wood panels holding a variety of mechanisms. The sub components range from meters, disconnects, electrical wire coils to glass door knobs. The center area includes two active fusion chambers (Edision type bulbs) with accompanying unified magnetic field coil units. An inline dimmer adjusts intensity to your requirements, 120 volt. Woven stainless steel coverings protect vital live wires. The lower left area has a mercury wet level switch inside a glass holder so that viewers can see the liquid mercury movement. On the top left is an oil pressure/ammeter with a working clock (AA battery operated). The entire piece is 25 inches in diameter and weighs about 22 pounds. Can it be Steampunk if there are no gears?

I have been making artistic lamps for fifteen years. It has been a great pleasure to create this artwork. Many sketches were used try to find a balance of shapes. It's great to use all of these parts that normally would have thrown away. The wood adds a bit of warmth to an otherwise industrial feel. It also provides an "environment" to hold together the miscellany of items which make up the Isocouple Terminal Junction. $525.00

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Handcrafted Lamp

Real Cutting Torch Lamp - SOLD - SOLD

A lamp made from real machined torches, piston, valves and a model plane engine. The light bulbs are turned on/off by the round faucet hand in the front. The piston serves as a pedestal for values and gears.

The piston was my first choice as a small, low table using the valves as table legs. The cut rings grooves give it a nice look. But as a table it was very limited. So I turned it on side and added the gears. I like gears. These gears will spin freely by hand. The model airplane engine reminds me of childhood. It's complicated.

The scene stealer are those two torches. Machined so that the lamp wires travel in the gas tubes.
Price $475.00. Free shipping to lower 48.
Or, contact us for more details.

Copper Wall Piece

Art Encounters

Encounters - a fantastic work in copper and brass. Signed and dated. Copper and brass. An original work of art. It contrasts the "neutral" areas against the active areas. Straight lines (center) contrast the wavy lines. Linear against texture. The copper patina makes it both warm and cool. Active yet calm. Price $1000.00
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Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel

Copper Wall Piece - this is a piece of artwork that I created called Time Tunnel. It is made from copper foil and wood. The horizontal pieces were created first from copper foil, which was cut, to accommodate the arcs and arch shapes. I like to work with copper. It's so versatile. I like it for its' warmth and I like it for its' coolness. Time is a paradox. Why only one way, future, present, past? Or is it? Price $1250.00.
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Copper Wall Piece


Visitation - a fantastic modern work of art in copper. Warm yet cool. Visually rich tapestry of copper. Using copper foil and copper wire. An original work of art. Price $1500.00.
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