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Welcome to Drury Lane Studios. My name is Jonathan Drury. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. I completed my BFA in 1987 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Although my formal training is in design, drawing and painting, my 3D work gives me immense satisfaction. My work has been shown in solo and group shows, local galleries as well as in private collections throughout the United States.

My two greatest interests have come together: art and mechanics. What? Yes, art and mechanics. My father worked as an electrician for 44 years. Lots of experience installing and/or fixing lots of electrical devices. He could do anything. And he did. And I was right there. As a young kid I would take things apart to find out how they worked. It helped to see how other people solved difficult manufacturing problems as well as how things work. My dad knew that it was all part of the process of finding what makes things tick. I will never be as talented as my father and that's alright. There is a lot of satisfaction working with my hands. A joy that comes from making something beautiful and useful.

My artwork requires knowledge, skill and the right tools. I'm happy to say that I have the tools to create my visions. I love to work with light, copper, brass and, of course, electricity. My 20+ years of industrial and commercial construction experience helps. When I'm working with the wiring, the electrical components, I hold myself to known industrial methods.

Let me be the first to say that I'm not a machinist. A machinist is a highly trained individual. Whereas I muddle my way through the machining process. Plus, I have more booms and crashes than a real machinist. I like to think that I'm learning to operate the mill with more precision. But that's probably not quite true. Oh yes, I'm not a carpenter either!

Please note that most of the wood used in my work is "antique" oak wood that is probably 30-40 years old. When sanded then hand rubbed with linseed oil it turns a warm buttery color. Contact us for more details and pricing information.

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Have a design in mind for your lamp? We will custom make any lamp or other work of art using your design. Contact us to get started.

We at Drury Lane Studios offer custom designed, handcrafted lamps; handmade Art Cards made with rich jewel tone papers and inks with brass and copper adorning textured papers and artwork of uncommon design. Our art and greeting cards are often used as a gift in themselves. Especially beautiful when framed either individually or in groups of three or more. Cards that people will want to share with others. Always fashionable. Ever changing with new and different materials. Our handmade lamps are of uncommon design and are suitable for any room; made with copper, brass, antique wood and rare light bulbs.

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